How to Workout at a Playground

You can make getting into shape fun, just like child’s play. Games that children may partake in within gym classes or even on playgrounds can be as challenging and difficult as your very own workout plan you currently participate in. The children’s routines are probably more fun to partake in then yours is. Of course, we will not sit here and tell you that playing duck, duck, goose or wave a rainbow-colored parachute around will make you lean but there are a few exercises that personal trainers use to help youth members continue staying lean with along with helping their speed, endurance, and their coordination. We promise these will also work for you also.

The routines we use will have your lungs popping and bursting and your muscles feeling it and feeling the burn. All you have to do is 2 to 3 workouts a week, and you will see a difference with how lean you have and will become, and you will notice your energy levels will increase significantly, more so than it has before since you were a child. Let’s take these workouts outside and make them the best and make these warm summer days worth it. These exercises can be done in a gym also, but we suggest Vancouver commerical playgrounds, parks, or a backyard with a swing set that has monkey bars and the experience will be a blast to partake in. You can even do this workout with your little ones, so let’s go ahead and have you bring them with you. This could even be your warm up workout before your “adult” workout.
Playground workout directions.

Frequency: Make sure you switch it up with workouts A and B to have two or three different conditioning workouts a week. Make sure you rest and also completely finish your other weight training workouts you may have lined up on the days between these two or three days. If you partake in cardio workouts on your days, you don’t do these exercises make sure you do your cardio, or you can even replace your cardio with these workouts. For example here is a workout plan we have created: Monday you could do your weight training routine and then on Tuesday you could do Workout A, and when Wednesday rolls around you could switch to workout b, then lift your weights on Friday and then Saturday and Sunday could be your rest days.

Dow to do it: Do not rest in between your workouts, do it in circuits. Once you have completed the last exercise that is included in the circuit, then you can rest for a few minutes and then repeat this for three to ten more circuits depending on how actively you participate in this fitness plan.

Scramble to Balance: Make sure you place yourself in the very bottom position of a push-up and then make yourself walk forward with your feet only, and just enough, so your butt raises into the air. Keep in mind your legs should be straight and you should have your body in the shape of an upside down v. above the ground. While doing this walk, your hands forward and once your hips are level with the ground, and you reach a pushup position again you can stop. Do five pushups and then walk forward with your feet again and make sure your hips are picked up and your knees are straight. Do this for approximately 20 feet.

Monkey bar pull-up: Find a pull-up bar this is one or monkey bars and hand onto the bar with your outside shoulder width grip and walk your hands across the bar until you reach the end of the bar don’t go too far and reach too far with each step you take. Once you reach your spot pull up three times and then walk your hands back to your beginning point and do this three more times. Continue to do this going back and forth until you have gone across and traveled the bars three times back and forth each way.