How to Make Your Home Safe from Mold Health Effects

General body health is what everybody covets. This, however, does not mean that everyone is healthy. There are many factors that can cause you to be unhealthy such as sickness, allergy or even stress. In this article, though, we will seek to discuss how molds can affect your health and how best you can make your home safe from mold health effects.

To start with, molds are found almost in every part of the world and are very small organisms. So that you know, molds are not as dangerous as they are perceived to be. If anything they are important in the environment as they are responsible for breaking down dead plants and leaves thereby playing a proper role in the ecosystem. Molds come in in different colors of purple, orange, green and even black. It is when they start growing on your home surfaces releasing spores into the air that they become dangerous. When you inhale the spores, your health is likely to suffer a blow.
Molds can grow in various parts of your house or compound including the floors, furniture or even the carpet or any other place that can be moist as they require moisture for their survival.


What are the mold effects on your body?

Molds have many adverse effects on your body that can deter good health. For instance, if you are allergic to molds, they can cause nasal problems, coughing or even sneezing. Molds can also cause dangerous lung infections and other respiratory tract infections with continued exposure to them.


How to keep your home safe from mold health effects

Having seen what molds are and how they affect your health, we shall now discuss how you can keep your home safe from molds and eventually become safe from mold health effects. Some of those ways are discussed below;

Use of dehumidifiers

If you are staying in places that have high humidity, you should embrace the use of dehumidifiers and other air conditioners so that the air around you is made less moist therefore safe from molds.

Keeping indoor humidity low

Where possible, you can always try to keep the humidity of indoor places less than 60%. Acquiring a hygrometer does not cost much, and it should be used to take the measurements of the air moisture around you.

Proper air circulation

Ensuring good air flow is another way of keeping your home free from mold health effects. This can be achieved by opening the doors and windows to your house and also by using ventilation fans.

Leaks fixing

Any leaks in the house should be fixed to avoid them from bringing unnecessary breeding grounds for molds. The slope of the field from the house should be one that allows excess water to comfortably drain away.

There are many ways to which you can make your home safe from mold health effects. Such preventive measure includes fixing leakages, allowing for proper ventilation, keeping the humidity of the air around you little, drying wet areas among others. Mold are to known to cause chronic lung diseases and other respiratory tract diseases, so it is of immense importance that they are controlled from spreading.


– Guest Blog Post from Edmonton mold removal team