Red Flags of a Bad Dentist

Maintaining good dental health is important as many people would agree. What makes a trip to the dentist unpleasant however comes down to several factors that can cause many to put off such a visit until it is truly needed. This can only make matters worse considering that stepping into a bad dentist’s office could deter many people from ever going to the dentist at all. Thankfully there are several ways you can tell if your dentist isn’t worth keeping.

1) It’s all about the money.

Many dentists won’t worry about the cost until the work is done and it’s time to send out the bill. Even then they won’t likely talk to you about it unless the procedure you are going in for is bound to be a little costly. A bad dentist will try to talk you into a more expensive procedure that is just as beneficial but can cost far more than what you can afford.

2) Excessive dental work.

Unless vanity is your thing, and your wallet can afford the hit, listening to a dentist that will recommend unneeded procedures that will turn your regular grin into a million-dollar smile will only bring you trouble. Dentists are not there to be salesmen, but bad dentists will often try to get their patients to go above and beyond what they need.

3) An inordinate amount of pain.

There is a modicum of pain involved in working with one’s teeth, but a good dentist will know how to minimize and even negate most of it. A bad dentist will be more likely to tug, stab, scrape, and cause an undue amount of pain in their haste to get the job done.

4) The work is often subpar.

This goes back to the money that you will be required to invest in a bad practice. Bad dentists will often fix something to last for only a short time on the chance that you will come back. This slipshod manner of work will be highly expensive and last for only a matter of weeks or even months before requiring additional work.

5) The office atmosphere is uncomfortably dirty.

Even a smudge or a speck of dirt can turn some people off, but if the tools look out of date and are not properly cleaned, or the room is dusty and dingy, the patient should feel inclined to leave and not come back. Bad dentists will seek to maximize their profits and not put enough attention into their actual practice, meaning that their office will likely be a messy, unsterilized disaster that no one in their right mind would come back to.┬áMaple Ridge teeth cleaning told us: “A dirty office often means that their dental tools are also dirty. These tools, if not sanitized, can transfer diseases from person to person.”

A few of these examples are the worst case scenario, but sadly there are those dentists that would find such conditions acceptable. The trick is to know what to look for when seeking out a dental provider, and what to avoid.

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